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Monday, 15 March 2010

Courtney in wonderland :)

The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?

[Alice checks Hatter's temperature]

Alice Kingsley: I'm afraid so.

You're entirely bonkers.

But I'll tell you a secret.

All the best people are!

I bought this dress around four years ago now and i just can't part with it. It shouted out "BUY ME!" from almost the other side of the shop, i remember.
It's what i like to call my 'Alice dress'.

Although it actually doesn't have much in common with the real Alice get up, i love it all the same. When i put it on, wonderful memories come back to me like,

- Being that excited little girl again watching Alice in wonderland for the very first time with my sisters.
- Holding my first white, fluffy bunny and mum is taking my photo,
- or hosting a tea party for all of my stuffed animal friends :)

All in all, these memories remind me of a time,

where i had not one worry in the world and everyday was about how much FUN i could have!

Take me back!

P.S - The new 3D movie was amazing, two thumbs up! :)

Location: My bathroom.
Wearing: Dress - Valley Girl (Older style)

Credit to http://weheartit.com/

Friday, 12 March 2010

When it rains, it pours!

Future Music Festival 2010, definitely an event I will remember for a long while.

The sun was out and shining brightly when we arrived and I remember thinking to myself that maybe, just maybe the weather was going to work in our favour. I somehow even worked up a little bit of a sweat walking the 20km that it took to actually arrive at the gates! We got in, everyone was there! It was an amazing day.

Until, the rain came! It started as a sprinkle but before we all knew it was pelting down. Dancing in puddles isn’t one of my favourite pastimes but it seemed the cool thing to do at the time. Everyone was completely saturated but our love for music overpowered the urge to stay dry.

The toilets were flooded with girls, frantically trying to save their faces and rain water of course! There were girls surrounding each hand dryer in desperate attempts to warm their quivering bodies. It was quite amusing actually.

The event was stopped temporarily down due to crap weather conditions. It was so surreal to be standing in the middle of a music festival, with no music. Confusion was the main emotion set on everyone’s faces. To everyone’s relief the speakers were back to pumping those beats we all love to hear just 15 minutes later.

The highlight of the evening was definitely the tent sabotage. Eager event goers carried all the tents towards the Above & Beyond stage, it was hilarious! The excitement was short lived as security returned them back to their correct positions not long after. Disappointment and anger set in but surprisingly there were no fist fights.

So my dripping wet friends and myself danced in the rain, fully aware of the consequences that would follow. The weather was a frustrating but all in all the day was fairly enjoyable. Was it worth it? I think so!

Taking my waterlogged self off to bed that night was a feeling I don’t think I will ever be able to top!

Future 2011, bring it on!

Location: Future Music Fesival 2010,
Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne.
Wearing: Jumpsuit - trifted, Tee - Supre, Brogues - Target,
Sunnies - Groove Accessories, bag - ICE.

Inspire me.

Credit to http://weheartit.com/

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Future Music Festival 2010.

Wow, three days & counting until the big day.
I am that excited! I still have no idea what i'll be wearing though.
If only Melbourne's weather for Sunday didn't change every 35 minutes!

Location: Future Music Festival, 2008.
Wearing: Dress by Thousand Reasons.
I wore that dress to death!