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Friday, 30 April 2010

Wishlist ♥

♥ 1. Some new bow ties/bow tie necklaces!
In like every colour & every pattern please.

♥ 2. A pretty bike!
So i can ride around in style,
when i live in Brunswick, ha!

♥ 3. A rooftop/balcony with a view!
Perfect for Sunday chill sessions & drink ups.

♥ 4. The perfect old school Mickey jumper!
To snuggle up and still look cool in,
over Melbourne's stupid winter months.
(Did i mention i hate Winter!?)

♥ 5. Metallic/Glittery/Floral brogues!
Matched with tights or cute frilly socks,

♥ 6. A floral Blazer!
Makes any outfit dull wintery outfit super cool & colourful.

♥ 7. A new camera!
To take more amazing photos!

♥ 8. Bright coloured/Black nerd glasses!
So i can see to my full potential,
as well as look super sweet!

♥ 9. My first tattoo!
I'm still thinking about what i want,
but the idea of one crosses my mind daily.

♥ 10. New bright lipsticks!
I want the brightest of brights,
when it comes to shades for winter.
I like that WOW factor!

Taylor knows best! ♥