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Monday, 31 May 2010

Boyish girl.

To the effin jerk,
who bumped into me last weekend
in some friggen dive they call Tangerine Bar? At Crown?
Who then turned around and
then had the nerve to say to his stupid mate,

"Man, is that a dude or a chick!?"
All i have to say to you is,


Ok, So i was wearing a top hat?
So i suppose that could have contributed
to the fact that i looked a little boyish.
But for frigs sake i was wearing a hot pink blazer?
Carrying a handbag?
and wearing hot pink lipstick?
I'm really not sure how to take this.
Because this is the first time EVER,
I've had something like this said to me!

If it were any other Saturday night
and i was in any other mood than the
one i was in when shit went down,
I would have given him an absolute ear full.
I think i was just too fed up with everything else,
that i felt he wasn't worth my time and energy.

I'm starting to feel like clubbing/going out
in Melbourne isn't what it used to be *sighs*
Perhaps i am growing up and
growing out of my old partying ways?
Or perhaps it's because i have better things to do
than to be sleazed on every 10 minutes,
whilst in the company of my boyfriend?
Might i add also that my boyfriend was
asked for coke by some junkie random?

However. I'm in a good mood today.
But i'm still feeling the need to rant :)
So let's get back to this wanker,
who i unfortunately bumped shoulders with at Tangerine!

He was sporting,
One where he'd dribbled his beer on his chest.
Might i also add that a large quantity of the contents of his glass
had been emptied onto my outfit whilst we collided, PIG!

& one under each arm of course!

He should get some Lynx Dry 24 Hour Anti-Perspirant on that shit!
Because we all know guys don't look hot wet, Ha!

I've decided that he said those words loud enough to bruise my ego,
Because really, he's jealous!
Because i make a better looking bloke.

I don't have smelly B-O ;)

Or a beer belly that wobbles when i dance.

When i have hair to shave, i shave it,

I brush my teeth morning and night.

(hence why my teeth don't look like his)

When i'm 50 i won't be trying to pick up 18 year olds,

with my other 50 something year old loser mate as my wingman?

Oh and last but not least,

Nobody wears fucking puffy 'Globes' anymore grandpa,

Go home to your walker already!

Thank you for listening,
that is all :)

Location: Exhibition Centre Carpark
Wearing: Hot pink blazer - Thrifted
Black & white stripe dress - Some shop @ Highpoint
Top hat - Dangerfield
Handbag - Equip, i think?
Black tights - Some sock place.

P.S the girl in the photo with me is Nat :)
We went out for her birthday!