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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Dear Toni Ella Slater ♥

This one is all for you :)


1) I love our amazingly long phone calls.
I’m never short on things to converse with her about.

2) I hate that her room has zilch reception.

3) I love that she is a beautiful person,
inside & out!

4) I hate that she has a tiny size 7 foot
& that we can never share shoes!

5) I love that she’s made me the best person,
I could possibly be!

6) I hate that she is forever walking around,

7) I love that she’s always there for me,
Whether it’s 4am in the morning
& I had a bad dream,
I’m drunk and completely legless
or short a cigarette.

8) I hate that she is the worst texter in the world.
Her texts and so far from understandable.

9) I love that we’re both addicted to V drinks
in any shape or form,

10) Facebooking for hours at a time,

11) & each other.

12) I hate that she thinks her short hair style is horrible,
when I think she looks the best she ever has!

13) I love that she’s like the only person,
who can make me laugh & cry at the same time.

14) I hate that her smile is so extremely infectious.
I often smile, laugh or giggle
at the wrong times when around her.

15) I love that when we go out and party,
she dances her little ass off, ALL NIGHT!

16) I hate that she drunk texts
then complains about it the next day.

17) I love that we’re so different
but at the same time,
Exactly the same!

18) I hate how she puts her hair behind
her ears when it looks better forward.

19) I love that her room is
messier than mine,

20) I hate the noises she makes
when she’s sick and she coughs.
They're horrible!

21) I love that she’s loud
and never apologetic for it.

22) I hate that she cries at the end of every
single movie and I don’t even get watery eyed.

23) I love that she’s great to talk to!
When my mind is muddled,
she can always set me straight.
She always knows the right things to say!

24) I hate how she is forever trying to change herself
and her life to make it better,
When she and everything else is perfect as it is!

25) I love that she’s never judged or criticized me once;
instead she’s accepted me for me!

26) I hate when sometimes she snorts when she laughs
although it is kind of amusing!

27) I love that she knows me,
better than I know myself.

28) I hate that she’s little am I’m gigantic next to her.
So together we make 2 standard sized people, ha!

29) I love the massive health kicks she has.
(the last like 2 days?)

30) I hate that when we spoon she hogs the blanket,

31) & tosses and turns every 2 minutes

32) and that she breathes near my ear!

33) I love her outlook on life:
Live everyday as if it’s your last!

34) I hate that she likes to go to sleep to
Love Song Dedications,
Pussy Cat Dolls or Enrique Iglesias, EW!

35) I love that she fully cleans her car
& by the next day it’s completely messed up again!

36) I hate that she doesn’t stand up for herself
as much as she should,
but she’s learning.

37) I love chilling out in her car
and talking shit for hours on end.

38) I hate that she loves licorice all sorts!
They are totally feral.

39) I love the she can crack up laughing
over something that was funny the day before.

40) I hate how she says “HUHHHH?”

41) I love that we share secrets
that nobody else knows!

42) I hate that I’ve only had the pleasure of
knowing her for the past 2 years.
I wish I’d met her sooner.

43) I love each moment spent with her!

44) I hate that I’ve lost my smoking partner.
But I do congratulate her on making
such a healthy lifestyle change!

45) I love her endless determination
to make others happy.

46) I hate that she showers old people
for her day job.

47) I love that she’ll always have my back!
Day in & day out.

48) I hate that she likes to eat that green, soggy stuff, asparagus?

49) & that she tried to force me to like it!

50) I love that I have a permanent place in her heart
as she does mine & that I get to have someone as
special as her in my life forever.


"With true friends, even water
drunk together is sweet enough!"

IFLY, Love from Courtney :) x x .